About Us

Who We Are & What We Do?

For almost three decades, we have been fulfilling the wishes of investors and architects in production, supply and installation of the most demanding types of ventilated facades, aluminium facade plates and sheet metals all across Croatia and Europe.

Competitive Advantages

  • Knowledge – experience of doing business abroad for almost three decades has enabled a large accumulation of knowledge within our company, which stands for our most important company resource
  • Flexibility and Speed – the size of our company allows us to make quick decisions in order to adapt to market requirements
  • Technology – developed technology allows us to produce our products „in house“, which in turn raises the quality of our products to the highest standards


Croatian – German – Slovenian

Strategic Business Units

Production and Installation

Production, supply and installation of ventilated facades

Supply and installation of aluminium facade plates

Production, supply and installation of sheet metals


Polycarbonate panels

Sheet metals

Trapezoidal plates

Number of employees



28+ years


Providing our customers with the best product while adhering to the highest standards of the profession and care for the environment


Become a leader in production, supply and installation of facades in Europe


  • Customer is the focal point of our organisation
  • We focus on achieving a long-term sustainable company
  • As a family business, we strongly nurture interpersonal relationships within the organisation
  • We hold very high standards in all segments of our company