Web cookies are small text files that your browser saves on your computer, and are necessary for the proper operation and proper display of page content on all devices. For example, cookies store your user settings, such as your preferred language of use, or can be used to store registration information on a website so that the user does not have to enter it again the next time they visit the site.

In addition, cookies may store personal information such as your name or e-mail address, but it is important to note that this information can only be stored if you allow it. Our website does not have access to information that you have not provided and cannot access other files on your computer.

ELTING d.o.o. uses standard web cookies with the primary goal of providing a better user experience.

In addition to standard web cookies, we also use Google Analytics cookies. These cookies store information about the ways in which visitors use our website, including the number of pages displayed, where the visitor comes from and the number of visits, all in order to understand and improve the use of our site and provide you with a better user experience. The IP address we send to Google Analytics is anonymized so that it cannot then connect to you. More information about Google Analytics cookies can be found at

Web cookies can be deleted using your browser settings, and instructions on how to remove them can be found by using the “Help” function in your browser or on the browser manufacturer’s website.

More information about what web cookies are, what they are for and how to remove them from the most common browsers can be found at