Note on the protection of personal data

This privacy policy (“Statement”) is described as “ELTING, manufacture, sale and installation of sheet metal coverings and facades”, a limited liability company (“ELTING d.o.o.”), personal, independent data in relation to them. This report does not apply to the processing of personal data to our employees in accordance with the regulated rules.

During the regular course of its business, ELTING d.o.o. collects and further processes personal data as required by laws and regulations. We process the personal data of our business partners and service providers, personal data as part of the recruitment process and through video surveillance. Categories and volume of personal data shared with other recipients, ELTING d.o.o. will limit to a minimum.

Personal data is collected and processed on the basis of:

  1. Existences of explicit, voluntary, and unequivocal consent. Parental consent is required for persons under 16 years of age
  2. Contractual obligations
  3. Fulfillment of legal obligations based on laws and bylaws
  4. Protection of key interests (eg protection of life, health and property)
  5. Legitimate interest

The data are stored for the time prescribed as a legal obligation, as long as the consent lasts if the subjects are in permanent business cooperation with ELTING d.o.o., or as long as necessary to perform a contractual obligation or fulfill the purpose of collecting personal data.

After the termination of the purpose for which they were collected, we no longer use your personal data, and they remain in our storage system and we keep them as far as we are obliged by legal regulations on the storage of archives.

We are also aware of the fact that we can only date the personal data and further work, that we are with the people we work for, that we are forced and that we are not aware of any of these things.

ELTING d.o.o. Processing of the following categories of potential for personal data and support of business partners and customers, their distributors and taxpayers (“inquiries”):

  1. First and last name of the business partner or customer of the natural person
  2. Personal identification number of business partners or customers of a natural person
  3. Business e-mail and business phone of a business partner or customer of a natural person
  4. Transaction account number of business partners or customers of a natural person
  5. Commercial e-mail addresses and the commercial telephone number of the natural person, the employee, the business partner or the customer are sent in advance and specifically
  6. Pre-registration, business e-mail and business phone of the employees of the business partners or customers
  7. the registered office of business partners or customers
  8. Information about the reported service or good purchased, including quantity and value
  9. For all other personal data, the contractual obligation is owed

ELTING d.o.o. combined personal data for the follow-up period

  1. Establishing a management team with potential business partners and customers
  2. fulfilment of obligations and exercise of rights established by the contract concluded with the business partner or client
  3. fulfilment of its obligations established by coercive regulations
  4. protection of its legitimate interest aimed at the timely and orderly conduct of business activities, including the collection of overdue receivables, or the legitimate interest of a business partner or client aimed at conducting their business activities
  5. protection of persons and property
  6. employment
  7. giving answers to received inquiries

ELTING d.o.o. does not share or disseminate personal information except as otherwise stated in this Notice or as otherwise required or permitted by applicable laws and regulations. Personal data is not shared outside the borders of the European Union.

We thus share personal data with:

  1. to the competent state authorities, if necessary (primarily in accordance with the regulations on the prevention of money laundering)
  2. We will share the address and contact of the customer with the suppliers, if the delivery of our products to the customer’s address has been agreed
  3. certain personal data of ELTING d.o.o. will share with the recipients who process personal data in the name and on behalf of the company ELTING d.o.o., within the specialized services they provide, and with which concluded contracts in which the treatment of personal data is prescribed in detail


In order to automatically collect the data described in the previous section, we use “cookies”. A cookie is a small amount of information that is sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Please see our Cookie Policy for more information on cookies and how you can change your settings to delete or decline cookies.

Respondents’ rights

In order to gain insight into your personal data provided by ELTING d.o.o. processes, and informing about the manner of their processing, their correction, deletion, restrictions on processing or transfer, withdrawal of consent for the processing of personal data, or filing objections regarding the processing of collected personal data, at any time, without harmful consequences, you can contact ELTING d.o.o. either at the company’s address: Obrtnička 10, Pušćine, 40305 Nedelišće or electronically to the e-mail address:, where you are obliged to provide an ID card, in order to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your personal data.